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Running for Seattle City Council was an incredible experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. The people I met across the city and their enthusiasm for making Seattle a better place invigorated me as candidate and made me proud as a fellow Seattleite. Solutions to our city's challenges are easy to find -- just ask the people who live here.

The business of running a political campaign was challenging. I made some beginner's mistakes, particularly in how to get the campaign message across. Thanks to the many kind folks who sat down with me since the 2009 primary with words of advice and encouragement -- especially those who came with examples of people who lost the first time out, learned their lessons, and ended up serving their constituents with distinction after succeeding in subsequent elections.

I started the campaign to bring Business, Neighborhoods, Labor, and Environmentalists together. If you check out the endorsement list below, you'll see I was successful. Here are the two most important things I learned on the campaign trail:

1. There is much more common ground between business, labor, neighborhoods, and the environment than most people expect.
2. Anyone who spends time telling you otherwise is trying to generate readership or cynically believes false conflict is the surer path to electoral success.

Many people have asked me, "What's next?" I will stay involved in Seattle issues. Strengthening our tree regulations, creating a world-class waterfront centered on transit and people, Seattle's Comprehensive Plan, real reform at DPD, and a stronger role for progressive neighborhood voices continue to be passions of mine. While I need to spend time on my business and especially need to make better progress on our ongoing remodel, you'll see me involved.

Thank you again for your support and interest in my campaign. My campaign e-mail address will continue to operate or you can reach me at
PO Box 75187, Seattle, WA 98175. Don't hesitate to drop me a note from time to time.

Warmest Regards,


David Miller's 2009
Primary Campaign Endorsements
46th District Democrats
37th District Democrats
34th District Democrats
11th District Democrats
King County Democrats

Neil McReynolds
Matt Mega
Stacy Noland
Hyeok Kim
Jason Osgood
Marcee Stone
Dave Meinert
Marcus Charles
Michael Meckling
Steven Severin

Joanna Grist
Kathy Nyland
Martin Simonetti
Michael Martino
Han Nachtrieb
Brett Gaspers
Justin Simmons
Drs. Carol & Jim Simmons
Gerry Pollet
Janet Miller
Lisa Steubing
Amer Hassan
Joyce Moty
Ann Corbitt
Judith Edwards
Sharon London
Ivan Weiss
Pat Griffith
Kiku Hayashi
Cherisse Luxa
Kirk Robbins
Molly Burke
Cheryl Klinker
Bob & Katie Nowlin
Kathy George
George Thornton
Tina Cohen
Martha & Dan Dittman
Michelle Gamboa
Andrea Wilson
Rhonda & Matthew Muller
Seattle Building Trades
Amal. Transit Union 587
ILWU Local 52
IATSE Local 15
IUOE Local 302
IBEW Local 46
IAM Local 751
Laborers Local 242
Iron Workers Local 86
Employees of Nucor Steel
Dave Mann
H. Stewart Parker
Bruce Montgomery
Bruce Carter
Dr. Rick Klausner
Bill Grinstein
Bruce & Ann Blume
Stephen Loeb
Richard Page
Anne Levinson
Eileen Quigley
Bruno Ridolfi
Monty Montoya
Lem Howell
Bruce Bentley
Barbee Crutcher
Liz Giba
David McPhedran
Howard & Ruth Handewith
Gerald & Audrey Hansmire
Loran Jonak
Mira Latosek
Bill Bradburd
Alan Leong
Kent Kammerer
Heather & Ivan Orbegozo
Al Rasmussen
Amanda Bakke
Richard Ellison
Duff Badgely
Rick Barrett
Greg Raece
Lynn Ferguson
Steve Zemke
Stacie Leontitsis
Seattle Nightlife & Music
Muni League: "Very Good"
SEAMEC Rated 4 & Straight A's
Sen. Margarita Prentice
Rep. Scott White
KC Council Bob Ferguson
Peter Steinbrueck
Linda Pruitt
Denis Hayes
Todd Patrick
Tracy Carroll
Jim Poss
Brian Young
BJ Cummings
Linda Versage
Walter Brodie
Vlad Ostimovich
Kevin Kelly
Janet Way
Sylvia Haven
Susan Plahn
Russell Brubaker
Claudia Vernia
John T. Salisbury

Gabe Frost
Bill Abbott
John Cox
Sharon H. Lee
Rebecca Gail
Todd Burley
Janice Camp
Craig Parsons
Susan Specht
Cass Turnbull
Cheryl Trivison
Rich Haag
Neal Adams
Marc Phillips
Danielle Brown
Lynn Allen
Lisa Plymate

Travis Fairchild
Marty Oppenheimer
Marjorie Rhodes
Ed Ottenbacher

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