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October 2014

Thank you for stopping by my 2009 Seattle City Council Campaign website.

I've had the good fortune to be supported by some great groups and individuals over the last decade of involvement in Seattle city politics. Organized labor, business owners, environmentalists, and neighborhood activists alike have expressed great faith in me and my ideas. Individuals (like many of you reading this letter now) have supported me with money, time, and encouragement.

This is gratifying and humbling to a degree I find hard to express.

When I worked on the Seattle Districts Now campaign in 2013, I did so not with an eye towards running in a 2015 districted Seattle City Council election. I did so because my experiences over the last decade taught me again and again it was just too hard for regular citizens to get City Hall and especially the denizens of the Municipal Tower to listen. Unless you have unusually dedicated advocates, or pay someone to be your advocate, it takes extraordinary effort to get your issues noticed and fixed.

That's just wrong, so I spent over a year working with an unusual (politically speaking) group of people to pass Charter Amendment 19 and bring district Council elections to Seattle. We won over 65% of the vote and every precinct in the city but two. And while I expect the transition won't be perfectly smooth or go like people expect, I believe a decade or so from now I'll look back on being part of the passage of Charter Amendment 19 with significant pride.

I am flattered by the number of media stories over the past few months picking me variously as a likely candidate and/or frontrunner for the open District 5 seat on the new districted Council. I am humbled by the number of people who have urged me to run, whipped out their checkbooks wanting to write a check, and told me they'd commit to working on my campaign in 2015. Your faith in me, my skills, and my abilities to represent District 5 and all of Seattle from a seat on Council are not taken for granted.

After a great deal of thought, however, I have made the decision to not run for Seattle City Council in the 2015 election. There are many reasons why, all personal. I absolutely believe I can represent the district well. I strongly believe I would be a formidable candidate. And I still believe City Hall could use someone with my talents. But I've decided not to run at this time.

I do, however, still have a favor to ask of you. Please don’t go out and endorse someone else quite yet. I know of an exceptionally qualified District 5 resident who would be great in this job. This person knows both District 5 and Seattle issues. Unlike the current candidates, electing this candidate means District 5 residents will have someone hitting the ground running on day one after inauguration. She’s just not quite ready to make her decision yet – but I know you’d find her worth the wait if she decides to run and I know you’ll be as excited as I would be to support her if she makes that decision.

So would you do me a favor and hold on for a while before jumping on to another campaign? I promise to keep you posted as the calendar rolls into 2015.

I appreciate all the kindnesses extended to me in the 2008-09 campaign and over the last year concerning the 2015 campaign.

Warmest Regards,


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